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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
9:03 pm
LAN Party Invitation
Hi there... I found your community through a search, I hope you don't mind. I see that it's new, but I'd like to invite you and all your gaming friends to a LAN down here in CT this weekend. It could be an adventure you might be up for, so I thought I'd give it a shot!

I would very much love to extend a warm welcome to anyone that would like to come to a big LAN Party down in Danbury, CT.

I'm a part of locally based gaming and tech community, 7HMgaming, and as we grow, so do our LAN parties. Our space available for this weekend's LAN is massive and we would love to get more gamers involved.

Ask me anything you want, and please sign up at HallowLAN dot com. (Disregard the notice of 0/60 available slots. The site admin is working on fixing that error. There are approximately 200 available slots.)

It's an overnight event, 24 hours, beginning on Saturday afternoon and going through Sunday. Bring your friends. We've got the space and from past experience, it will be a stellar event. I've got galleries full of photos from previous LANs if you're interested, and I hope they show that we are a welcoming bunch of all ages. Each LAN gets bigger, and this event promises to be a fantastic one. Tourneys, open play, prizes, and munchies.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

It is not mandatory to dress up for the event, but I'll be wearing fangs ;)

Tourneys as far as the schedule allows right now are:
Battlefield 2
Unreal Tournament 2k4
(And I believe WarCraft 3)
Saturday, June 25th, 2005
3:49 pm
all your base are belong to us!
What can I say, I live for tommorow, but enjoy the vices of today. Major WOW gamer here (RIGOR MORITZ REPRESENTIN@Dalaran Server... pally's can bust my fat nut!), and just into any games around. Old school console player, but i do PC games usually...

But enought about me. I am looking to make a tri-college game guild. STCC can get in on this too. If your in Springfield College, American International College, Western New England College, Bay Path College, and Springfield Technical Community College, and you like LAN PARTIES... then we need to talk! Hope to hear from you....

Those into Everquest need not apply :-P
3:49 pm
World of Warcraft: Gnome blood is good enough to wash your shoes!
I thought that I would detract myself from yesterday's serious political rant and talk about somethin fun... WARCRAFT!

OMG Warcraft is so much fun since the last update. My warlock character was suppose to be all destruction, but since the patch I am having a lot of fun being an afflicition warlock. Last time I raided scholo, I was lucky enough to gain new gear that gave alot of bonuses to any healing effect. Too bad this effect does not effect healthstones but with instant cast syphon life, and other sucking life spells, who cares! I just stand on top of hill on alterac and just cast syphon on anybody at the same time. 10 alliance members giving me life at the same time... that is until they tear my ass up at the same time, but then I void, fear bomb, and bounce. Ha ha!

Alterac was mad fun last night, but it taught me an important lesson... there is no victory without teamwork. Straight up! Two nights ago, there was the horde champion element that came out, we outnumbered alliance, and they still held their own. Last night was worse, because a quarter of the troops went pass the frontlines to sneak around and steal allinace graveyards, but they lossed. Their loss was our greater loss, because we were outnumbered. Hours later, they brought out there tree champion creature, and by this time we were saving our asses at the horde main base. I hearthed out becauase I hate to lose to stupid people's bullshit. But I am going to play alot of Alterac more often, because I have been a fuckin grunt too long. I recently made it to scout, and I'm looking to have a promotion and higher gear access as early as next week.

I dont mind dumpin my talents point in afflict, because one of the main bonuses are long distance aoe's, which are a must in battlegrounds, or you just get squashed by there long aoe or attacks. My plan is to try to get other locks together and have a mad nasty aoe crew. While figthers charge, maybe 4 or 5 locks concentrate aoe and the enemy would suck our sweet asses.

Warlocks that I feel that are asses out our demonology locks. I dont understand how anybody can take this tree talent seriously. OK, Locks have cloth armor and use one-handed weapons, and have weak physical attack power. Demonology serves only to strengthen the attack power of the lock's pet. It seems to me then that locks that are into demon. are only good for regular play, they can never survive pvp. An opponent would laugh at the pet stinging them, then run to the lock and mangle him to fuckin death. Whats the whole point... except to use the master summoning ability, sacrifice void, and havin a pet while having a few seconds to live with immunity from damage.

Not like its my problem, cause im not a demon. lock. But even though demon is alot of fun at earlier levels', its just dumb at the higher levels and pretty useless to boot.

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