The Hopeful Cynic (sydelbow) wrote in wmassgamers,
The Hopeful Cynic

LAN Party Invitation

Hi there... I found your community through a search, I hope you don't mind. I see that it's new, but I'd like to invite you and all your gaming friends to a LAN down here in CT this weekend. It could be an adventure you might be up for, so I thought I'd give it a shot!

I would very much love to extend a warm welcome to anyone that would like to come to a big LAN Party down in Danbury, CT.

I'm a part of locally based gaming and tech community, 7HMgaming, and as we grow, so do our LAN parties. Our space available for this weekend's LAN is massive and we would love to get more gamers involved.

Ask me anything you want, and please sign up at HallowLAN dot com. (Disregard the notice of 0/60 available slots. The site admin is working on fixing that error. There are approximately 200 available slots.)

It's an overnight event, 24 hours, beginning on Saturday afternoon and going through Sunday. Bring your friends. We've got the space and from past experience, it will be a stellar event. I've got galleries full of photos from previous LANs if you're interested, and I hope they show that we are a welcoming bunch of all ages. Each LAN gets bigger, and this event promises to be a fantastic one. Tourneys, open play, prizes, and munchies.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

It is not mandatory to dress up for the event, but I'll be wearing fangs ;)

Tourneys as far as the schedule allows right now are:
Battlefield 2
Unreal Tournament 2k4
(And I believe WarCraft 3)
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